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History According to Coterie

History of the World: Coterie Perspective

In 1850 after a summons from Justicar Petra, a vampire of clan Nosferatu, the Coterie arrived to meet the famed Justicar only to find that he was not waiting. The Justicar’s ward, a young malkavian girl (or so the coterie presumed) met the group composed of a Daughter of Cacophony, a Giovanni necromancer, a and pair of Fianna wolves, and delivered them to an office where they found their orders. They were to go to Skara Brae and do a ritual, that would ‘cleanse’ a caern stone. Upon their exit they were faced with what could only be called a monstrous horde of fomori who waited at every conceivable passage out of London.

The coterie escaped out the sewage system and boarded a ship to the northern tip of Scotland. They reached a port known as Kirkwall, and there they were accosted by three bandits. After fighting broke out, one of the men was mortally wounded and in a moment of panic, Liz opted to turn him—making her first childe. Angus as he would come to be known led them into the town proper where they would find a world outside of time.

After a short stay in Kirkwall, the coterie continued on their way, taking another ship to the tip of the Orkney isles. The ship bore another passenger, Sascha Vykos, famed Sabbat bishop. After invading the dreams of one of the coterie, he presented himself to them and convinced them to aid him, instead of the Camarilla. Finn was staunchly against the partnership and warned Liz away from it. The group made landfall and shortly after found Poole, a native american on European soil and added him to the group on the promise that they would return him home.

When they arrived they had just a few short days to make the remainder of the trip, so when time came to cross the seas Viola, Liz and Poole all opted to take Vykos up on his offer of help and rode modified horses across the channel. Unbeknownst to them, he had tricked them, infecting all of them with Vicissitude.

When they reached the island there was a grave battle, and the group barely made out with their lives. Finn opted to not aid the group and protected the Caern, understanding that Sacha meant to control it, not cleanse it.

After successfully protecting the caern, Finn stayed behind to rebuild it. Liz and Viola continued with the party on to New York, having burnt bridges with both sides. They used the pay from both the Camarilla and the Sabbat to fund their journey, leaving them all richly apportioned.

They survived 1855, after putting down the Storm Eater in the form of a Maelstrom, taking over San Francisco and taking up the unfortunate mantle of fighting the Sabbat full time. There were casualties. After a time Finn found the party again and reunited an otherwise broken bond. This unification was short lived however when in an act of selfishness, Liz diablerized a Toreador that they had called a blood hunt on at Finn’s feet. After Koto, a metis werewolf that the party had sworn to take care of, struck Liz she repayed him with a slap and changed everything.

The Garou declared war, attacking in a fashion coordinated like nothing before, all over the world, and specifically in places the coterie had traveled. It didn’t take long to find out Finn was leading them.

But no longer Finn. Corrupted by the spirit of the Harvester, a deceiver bane masquerading as a heroic Garou warrior of the past, Finn was leading packs against Wyrm targets, but secreting away Cainite blood to sustain himself. Poole was helping him to obscure his secret with Gifts. By that point they were both dancing the Spiral, and tricking others down its paths.

Peace came in 1922, when the coterie stumbled on the way to separate Finn from the Wyrm’s influence, killing Poole and nearly losing two more childer in the process. The coterie even struck a tenuous peace with Sascha Vykos, because it took both sides to stop Finn.

Time passed after Finn Brody died.

The coterie drifted, and for three generations they survived in very different lives, without the call of the Wyrm or the ravages of the blood hunt.

1992, and enter the modern nights. Some would say, the Final Nights. Each had followed kine careers, taken on new lives, passed a lifetime learning and in some cases working on old blood, until Liz’s nightmares began to focus on Finn again.

Then they found the hair pin—the one magicked to tell her where he was.

She followed it to a Garou held by Magadon Corporation, a Pentex lab in the heart of New York, their first experience against Technocrats. Fortunately a few pieces of stolen technology gave the coterie an advantage, and they were able to slip in, grab the Garou before the mages knew anything had happened, and get out before anyone died.

Against the Webs was returned to a coterie safe-house, where they demanded to know how he ended up with the pin, and he told a strange story about a lunar eclipse, “hidden from Gaia’s eyes,” where the tribe chiefs performed a forbidden rite to attempt to recall the White Howlers.

They got Finn (now Abel) as a reborn garou somewhere between. The Shadowlords decided to kill it. The Silent Striders decided to protect it. So there is schism once more, and the coterie is running from werewolves again.

Currently in Turkey the coterie is struggling with witnessing the waking of ur-Shulgi from his crypt and the slaughter of about half Clan Assamite, followed shortly by the destruction of their benefactor, the Methusaleh Jamal. ur-Shulgi honored the Assamite’s promise not to harm the coterie, and instead gave them a message. “Tell your masters that the Assamite of old have returned. And we are no longer at your heel.”

The coterie fled Turkey at once, and boarded a plane back to New York, where they have warned as many as will listen. Even Vykos seems taken aback by the sudden death of nearly half his enforcers. All Assamites weaker then the 9th Generation were struck to ash with one spell. All weaker than the 6th Generation fell into torpor, where any unprotected from the sun met the same fate.

Assamite is much smaller—but they are certainly not weaker. Now, they are free of Tremere’s curse… and they will be coming.

Genius from Madness

The brightest of one hundred generations have tried to understand the ravings of the sons of Malkav. Genius comes at a price of madness, and the sad truth of madness is that it becomes impossible to share those sparks of true insight. They become little more than a flicker of lucid moments, in a sea of chaos.

Madness from Genius

The death of the old makes way for the new.

Against-the-Webs’ Work

Heinrich Schliemann, conducted a series of excavations at Hisarlik and discovered treasures he claimed to be from King Priam.

In 1868, Schliemann visited sites in the Greek world, published Ithaka, der Peloponnesus und Troja in which he asserted that Hissarlik was the site of Troy, and submitted a dissertation in Ancient Greek proposing the same thesis to the University of Rostock.

In 1872, he and Calvert fell out over this method. A cache of gold and other objects was discovered in May 1873; Schliemann named it “Priam’s Treasure”.

This treasure led the Coterie to Chicago after the famed Arrow of Achilles and allowed them to rekindle a friendship with Meneleus, the methuselah. In a comedy of errors Percy, the coterie’s gargoyle, managed to kill the Theurge of a local pack of Shadow Lords. Unfortunately her father, Yuri Konietzko did not take the insult sitting down and arrived to repay in blood. There was a duel of Honor, the rules of which Yuri broke and then it became all out war.

The party soon after returned to New York after the loss of Sarha to find Abel had fled to Scotland. Viola gathered the party to go after him. The traveled through the Umbra, stumbling upon the tree where Finn and Liz had first met. Their initials still carved in the bark, after so many years.

There they met a Gahroul, Arturus. He warned them that if Liz were to meet him again, he would kill her. Undeterred, the party continued on and found the entrance to a cave that wound down, in a spiral. At the base the party was forced to face the death of Corsin as a trap left him a pile of ash at Liz’s feet.

When they entered the last chamber, they found Arturus again, corrupted by the worm. Viola and Liz worked together and began to syphon the wyrm from the bear, and as they did Liz began to lose control of herself. Afraid that she would hurt the party she backed herself away from them and fought a loosing battle. A moment later the room flashed with a bright light and Liz was gone.

Viola reeled from the loss of her power as the party became crippled by loss. Abel, still bearing the connection that Finn once felt realized that he could still feel Liz and followed the pull to the self-same tree where the connection had begun so long ago. Inside the tree he found her, alive and breathing but in a deep sleep.

Twenty years later the coterie has reunited as the apocalypse that the Prophesy of the Pheonix foretold begin to rear its head.

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