The Road to Skara Brae

Cainites don’t need a hero.
They need a scapegoat.

The Victorian Vampire’s Dance is one way to describe the late eighteen hundreds. Kindred loyal to the Camarilla control most of the known world, and the nights that guide all kine. The Children of Seth are hapless pawns to the machinations of the Kindred, in an elaborate Masquerade.

Our story begins with the creation of an Archon’s Coterie from the most unreasonable of contacts, two autarkis not belonging to any of the commonly accepted Camarilla clans. A Daughter of Cacophony, and a Giovanni, each known for their strange and unsettling powers, are selected to lead a campaign into the ancient north highlands of Scotland, to uncover the megalithic city of Skara Brae.

According to rumor, Skara Brae was a massive settlement built on the common ley lines that conjoin around Stonehenge, and may have been an even greater site revered by the ancient Garou, at a time before the War of Rage, when Garou and Man still knew one another.

The Garou and the Kindred fought over the future of the site, and in the end the coterie consisting of rebel Garou and disavowed Kindred fled to the Americas. New York and Chicago led to the discovery of the Maelstrom, and the coterie practically shredded itself before finally defeating an ancient evil named the Storm Eater—a force of the Wyrm now bent on their destruction.

The Road to Skara Brae

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