The Road to Skara Brae

The Enemy Within
The Sabbat

The Samedi are believed to be a throwback of the Nosferatu or the Cappadocians, with a unique and frightening flaw. They don’t stop “dying.” Shambling corpses, the Samedi must expend additional blood to preseve their moldering body.

Some, in objection to their new state, insist on wearing the greatest finery money can acquire, while most are resigned to wearing heavy furs or leathers that will resist the blood and ichor forever dripping from their eternal state of decay.

The Samedi are known to have two of the powers of the Nos, Obfuscate and Fortitude. While their bodies are falling apart, their form is held together by preternatural power. Their third power is a stranger mixture of Necromancy and Mortis, called Thanatosis, where it is said they gain the power to pass their rotting curse on to others, or absorb the skin of their victims to keep themselves intact.

Now, they seek the ruin of souls, allied to the force of the Wyrm.


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