The Road to Skara Brae

What is real?

The attack on Skara Brae came as a surprise. Certainly, it was not the first time my demense was violated but this place has felt more like home than the others did, more… Something. I digress. The losses did not truly effect me, they only served to create gratitude that those of my kind I truly value were safe. Their numbers dwindle. I understand Angus’ decision but I resent it. He was the only one I’ve known since that first journey to still share our particular brand of magical blood. I feel more alone as time marches on, even though my childer is all I could have hoped he would be.

I grow bored with my penguins. They are amusing, but they are more important as a money source now than anything. They only ever were an attempt to fill my time. I’m tempted to train them to be freaky adorable killing machines to guard me as I sleep, but I’m sure that choice would be met with some “contention in the ranks”. Hmmm…

I find my heart is growing colder. What I did to that horrible priest was depraved, though deserved. I fear that the repair work done by my long lost Theurge lover is nearly completely undone. How can I become that monster I was without the slithering wyrm within me? Perhaps it was all me all along.


g34ghoirugh489 Just_Edie

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