The Road to Skara Brae


Personal Journal of Elizabeth Bartlet

We knew it was coming. No matter how prepared we were, it did not stave off the surprise of the attack. As angry as I was at the thought that Angus would weaken himself right before we intended to join the war in truth… I am glad that he was not in our home when the bells rang out.

Sarah and her half sister were in the care of Fionn, who had stayed the night with us. She took care to remove them from harms way, she kept them safe. For that, I will never be able to repay her.

We lost three two. Sacha and the Nosferatu that lived in the caves below us. Their loss is one felt keenly by those that knew them well. Guil was safe having been in Joan’s house during the incursion. The others were hidden well enough to not be found. To know the number of Vampires means that the minister had some connection to his mage brothers and gave them every piece of information that was needed.

I worry that our mummy friend has too little understanding of discretion. He acts in grandiose manner and thinks little for the chaos that will be reaped by the rest of us for his little adventures. Perhaps it is time to find out what he’s afraid of. I know it is some form of metal… but I’ll need to isolate the exact agent.

I do not believe that the Queen’s Skeleton Keys are to blame. This Solificati… hunters with magic. They are to blame. They’ve made an enemy in me, and this is not something I will soon forget.

Angus and I have begun to create and disguise necromantic alarm systems on each house. It is one of the few things he can still do with the change in his form. Beyond that, I am teaching him what it means to be what we are… whatever that means. He’s been ghouling himself with his own blood to increase his abilities and strength, and perhaps his life since he is truly mortal now. In truth, I’m not certain how I feel about that. At least I know that if he were to die… he’d come back. It’s safer this way I suppose.

I’ve been studying his daughters. They are as alike as perhaps Aisling and I were before all of this. In this world they are called Damphyr. Living vampires. In ours… abominations. They are still suspect in this time, though, with luck I can conceal their nature until they are older. It will keep them safer than letting the ruling bodies of either faction know what they truly are. It’s impossible to tell what the reaction would be.

They both possess a means of telepathy, which means they either have access to Numina, or they are both already astute in the use of Auspex. A terrifying concept that mere babies have master techniques that others struggle years to grasp.

They may surpass any or all of us in time. Having a life time to adjust to what I feel I’ve only known for a year at most… I almost envy them.

I fear though, the time for spending my days in silence and quiet company of my daughter are at an end, because the world once again needs saving, and perhaps this time I’ll even decide to save it for myself rather than everyone around me. Perhaps I’ve finally decided to live.


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