The Road to Skara Brae

This is how the world ends, not with bang, but with a cut.

Personal Journal of Elizabeth Bartlet-Brody

If I had known.

If I had even stopped to consider what I was doing before I did it… They threatened my daughter. At the time my only daughter and her child. I wanted them to suffer, like I had suffered at the hand of so many. I wanted oblivion to devour them from the inside out and leave nothing but a grieving empty shell.

I infected them. I brought the plague. There was no corrupt man chasing my every action and laying in wait while his trap sprung. I did this.

Spiraling…. the term has such irony… Falling, always falling, or failing. I can’t let them pay for my mistakes. If I have to end this on my own to be certain that no one else suffers… So be it.

I don’t know where to begin, how to stop what I’ve started, or how to make amends for what it is that I’ve done to this world. The war that I have caused… In the morning I will give over to Aisling and Wyrm Dancer… They will need to lead us through this, the first War of Rage. For that is what caused it. My unchecked rage.

When they learn what I did, what I’m capable of… Even I would not trust myself.



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