The Road to Skara Brae

Making a Better Monster

Personal Journal of Elizabeth Bartlet

When I took Angus to the asylum, we knew what we were doing. The process of making a gargoyle by ritual is a painful and destructive process, which is why it’s better to find two people that could form one complete person.

The shreds of humanity cry out against this act, but in the end I see only the need. Angus and I are of one mind here. We know what Percy can do, we know what he is capable of, and we need more. So quietly, with the aid of Shadowe, we made our plans and ensured we would not be overheard.

Though, in truth the screams wouldn’t have bothered me overmuch. This is something we need to do, not something I do for my own amusment. They suffered, but gods know so have I. Suffering is what we do, in this case, it’s for a purpose rather than some fool deities sick amusment.

I used the room below my house to prefer the ritual. Though the items needed are complex, it was nothing compared to the level of focus required over the days that it took to form these two beings into one. Blood magic can be risky and there is always a cost… but in this case it was not to me.

The bodies of this humble giant and the scrappy man that Angus had turned would bring about an incredibly talented beast. The powers of Necromancy with the stealth afforded to the Assamite? This creature would be able to attack without ever being seen. Perfection in the for of a fighting machine.

Its loyalty would be unquestioned, because in the case of making these monstrosities, they have no free will. Everything they do is at their domitor’s command, and I would be that for them, it.

With this one act we protect our legacy, our children and our lives. I have little interests in shovel parties, but I will change something to make it more useful, and now that I know I can… I will.

Though, this reality is hard in this light. I wouldn’t simply take an unsuspecting person and bind them into someone else… but if one became unable to do what needed to be done, we would have an option, a means to remedy such a plight. It’s a resourcefulness that I feel even Viola would appreciate.

What is it that they say? All is fair in love and war, and we are in fact, at war.


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